Many women dream of meeting Prince Charming and having a fairy tale wedding

Fairy tale princesses are not forgotten as girls grow up. Girls want to BE the fairy tale princess! Case in point, here’s a woman who took the opportunity to BE her beloved Arielle. The theme of her wedding was The Little Mermaid.–1498988848.html

More photos can be seen here:

In this classic tale, the fairy tale princess reconstructs her body (changes from mermaid to human) and gives up her voice for the POSSIBILITY of partnership with a man (she had not yet established a relationship with Prince Eric – though securing a relationship would not have justified her drastic change in appearance and the forfeiting of her voice).

Change your body and give up your voice is the message this fairy tale sends. This same messages is reinforced in myriad other areas of society (media is a big one). Could this be why so many more women than men opt for cosmetic surgery and silence themselves?


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